Why are face masks with valves being banned?

Wearing a face mask for virus protection is a necessity all around the world. It is more for your own safety, as well as for those around us. There are many face masks that one can use, but among them, there have been reports of some masks which are not acceptable or safe to use.

There have been reports of countries and cities around the world that have banned the use of face masks with valve, unacceptable face coverings, and some cloth masks. According to the Center for Disease Control or CDC, masks with plastic one-way valves are not recommended to use if they have an exhalation valve. The exhalation valves pose the risk of transmitting expelled respiratory droplets of an infected person and could reach others. Hence, it is clear that one must avoid wearing masks with exhalation valves allowing virus particles to escape. According to the CDC, even a cloth face mask that has 2 or more layers can be worn.

Why are face masks with valves being banned1

Tips to Choose Right Face Mask for Right Protection

It is very common that we may buy face mask protection against the virus without knowing if it fits us properly or not. It is important to choose the right protective masks against viruses and also one that is comfortable to wear. The following are things to keep in mind about mask requirements and what to avoid:

  1. Do not buy masks with an exhalation valve.
  2. Do not buy masks made of cloth with a single layer.
  3. Do not buy masks that are loose to wear as a mask does not protect you against the virus.
  4. Do not buy masks that have material that is hard to breathe like vinyl.

Which masks are safe to wear?

  1. N95 masks
  2. Surgical masks (but make sure there are enough for Medical and healthcare workers and doctors).
  3. Cloth masks with more than 2 layers.

Instructions to wear the right face mask:

One also has to take care as to the right mask and the right way of wearing a mask.

  1. Wear a face mask for the airborne virus, like Alpha Faceguard, that is an ayurvedic face mask that covers your nose and mouth and is secured under the chin.
  2. Alpha Faceguard N95 masks are one of the best masks for virus protection as they snugly fit on the sides of your face.

There are two types of Alpha N95 masks:

  1. Alpha Face Guard Type A with an elastic ear loop
  2. Alpha Face Guard Type B with 4 laces for tying

Why buy Alpha Face Guard masks?

  1. These masks are the best masks to wear with glasses, as they have nose clips to provide comfort and close fit.
  2. Alpha Face Guard Type B are the best masks to wear with hearing aids.
  3. Two-way protection from dust, allergies, pollution, and viruses.
  4. It is made from poly-propylene non-woven fabric virgin grade

So, when you buy face masks online, do not look further than Alpha Faceguard. You can buy Alpha Faceguard from Amazon today and save your life and life of others.

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