Wear Face Mask For Health And Hygiene

It is a necessity for everyone these days to wear a face mask for airborne virus, dust, pollution, cough etc. According to the World Health Organization, for an effective face mask usage, one must cover their mouth and nose and securing the mask properly so that there is no gap between the face and the mask.

Why wear face mask?

When everyone takes the precautions to stay healthy and build immunity by eating balanced diet to increase immunity it is also vital that we understand the importance of face mask at this time of pandemic to protect ourselves from any kind of airborne diseases which get transmitted through tiny droplets due to cough or cold.

By wearing a face mask, you will protect yourself from touching your mouth and nose, if at all you have come in contact with any virus your hands can be also sanitized using an alcohol-based hand gel. Washing your hands frequently or using sanitizer will protect your hands and avoid any infectious agents from getting transferred from your hands to your mouth and nose from where the infectious agents enter the body. Hence wearing a face mask is essential as the Face mask protection against virus is an effective way to stay safe.

Recommendable Face Mask for Virus Protection

There are many facemasks in the market these days, but how do we know which one is the best mask for virus protection or protection against dust and pollution? According to the World Health Organization there are various types of masks people must wear based on the purpose or duty they perform. For example, the WHO says that:

  1. N95 face mask and surgical mask is must for health care personnel or if someone is taking care of a sick patient at home.
  2. Respirator mask is to be worn if you are prone to work around possible containment areas.
  3. Any other Ayurvedic Face Mask like Alpha Face Guard are a range of protective masks against viruses or dust or pollution and can be work anytime you are outside your home, going for a walk or going to the grocery story or going to do unavoidable errands etc.

In India especially there is a wave of making DIY or homemade face masks and people have been very creative. There are many competitions too organized on the same theme and this has brought out the creativity of many people where we have seen Cloth face masks, washable face masks and more. However, according to the WHO, cloth masks like cotton or gauze are not recommended under any circumstance.

Hence, it is vital that you use the right Ayurvedic face mask with the following properties:

  1. Poly propylene non-woven fabric Virgin Grade
  2. Thread stitching for easy breathing
  3. Two-way protection
  4. Herbal sanitized

Use disposable masks of the highest quality and make sure that you dispose them in a closed bin. The face masks must be safe to use and also easy to breathe in, if not do not use face masks where you are gasping for breath. 

So, it is advisable to buy Ayurvedic mask for skin protection and also this mask is ideal for virus protection.

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