Proper Double-masking or N95 mask to prevent yourself from COVID variants

With so many COVID-19 variants lurking all around us. It is difficult to know if the mask you are wearing is efficient enough to stop virus droplets from entering your mask. According to the CDC, wearing an N95 face mask is the safest and most comfortable face mask.

However, we have been seeing many people doing double masking their face. This has largely prevented many people from contracting the virus. The theory of double masking and the best ways to wear a mask can be understood in a more better way when you take this 1 hour course by WHO – “Mask use in the context of COVID-19”. In this course you will know more about wearing the right masks, the right way to wear the mask and precautions to be taken while wearing and removing the masks.

Proper Double-masking or N95 mask Prevention COVID variants-Alpha Arogya

Wearing a mask has reduced COVID-19 hospitalizations in 13 US states according to a report by CDC during March 22nd 2020 and October 17th 2020.

How double filter respirator slows the spread of COVID?

A double filter respirator is effective in filtering fresh air when you breathe. The most common double filter respirator is N95 face mask. It will prevent at least 95% of virus droplets from entering your mask. N95 face mask from Alpha Arogya, manufacturer of high-quality ayurvedic quality products, is the ideal face mask that slows the spread of COVID-19.

How to do Double Mask Properly?

Double Masking has been proven to reduce the spread of virus and also provide a good fit on your face. Below are some guidelines by the CDC in a report released on Maximizing Fit for Cloth and Medical Procedure Masks to Improve Performance and Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Transmission and Exposure, 2021.

Guidelines to Improve Performance and Reduce Coronavirus Transmission
  1. Layering of masks is only effective when a lightweight breathable face mask like a cloth mask is worn over a surgical mask.
  2. The surgical mask must be properly tucked behind the ear with ear loops.
  3. Overall, the double masking must provide a 3-ply protection, like it would do in case of a N95 face mask.
  4. In this simulated study, it was found that one surgical mask blocked 77% of the virus particles (knotted and tucked), and a cloth mask blocked 51.4%. So, layering the two masks – surgical mask over cloth mask blocked 77% of the virus, whereas, cloth mask over surgical mask will help you to block 85% of the virus particles.

Most Comfortable Breathable N95 face masks for Double Masking:

However, there are some things you will need to keep in mind while doing double masking:

  1. KN95 and N95 mask do not require double masking as it is the most comfortable face mask and safe to wear on its own, as it provides 90% efficiency against virus droplets.
  2. Make sure you do not wear 2 surgical face masks over each other, as surgical face masks do not provide proper fit on your face and are not effective for long periods.

A good read – Do’s and Don’t of wearing a face mask.

Precautions to take to stay safe from the pandemic:

  1. Another important point to note is that if you are wearing an N95 mask, it must fit your face properly and covers your face, nose and chin and is secured behind your ears with ear loops.
  2. It is important to know that unless herd immunity is achieved completely, everyone must wear a face mask when outdoors in public places.
  3. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands, rather sanitize your hands or wash your hands properly before touching any part of your body.
  4. Please do not go out if you are feeling unwell, as your immunity is at the weakest and may be prone to contracting the virus quickly.
  5. It is good to avoid crowded places, especially closed areas like gyms, restaurants, malls etc.
  6. Avoid places with poor ventilation system.
  7. If you have to meet your loved ones, do it virtually.
  8. If you have meet face-to-face, meet them in open settings with your face mask always on your face and with 6 feet of social distancing.
  9. Keep in mind to wash your hands whenever you have touched any surfaces or sanitize them immediately.
  10. People who are at increased risk like elderly or people with chronic diseases must avoid going out in public places.
  11. Get yourself a COVID-19 test immediately when you feel sick or have been around a sick person. The symptoms could be high fever for more than a day with persistent cough and breathing difficulty.
  12. Eat healthy and nutritious foods which help in building immunity for your body’s cells. You can click here to know the different ways to build your immunity by staying home.

Choose safer activities to do:

  1. Some countries are still under total lockdowns like India, and one needs to adhere to the guidelines given by the government to stay safe and keep others safe.
  2. If you have enough space at home, doing light yoga exercises or taking a walk on the terrace could help in giving you an active lifestyle.
  3. Exercising also helps in building immunity, so make sure you have an active day, even though you have to stay indoors.
  4. There are however countries that have achieved over 70% vaccinations across the population and have now opened businesses like restaurants, salons, gyms etc. like the UAE, UK etc.
  5. So, one must make sure to still stay safe while outside.
  6. Try to exercise or participate in activities outdoors, eat at an outdoor restaurant, and preferably with your family members.
  7. Avoid meeting other people, unless you maintain social distancing and are wearing a mask all the time.

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So, go get your COVID-19 vaccine today, wear a mask and maintain social distancing to stay healthy and safe.

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