Necessity In Fashion 2020: Face Masks And Sanitizers

With the pandemic slowly changing our normal lifestyle, there are new necessities added to the food, clothing and shelter trio in 2020, it?s now food, clothing, shelter, face mask and hand sanitizer. It is a common sight and mandatory now to see people who are travelling in trains, planes and by roads wearing a mask and carrying a sanitizer with them.

Personal hygiene and community sanitization drives are the time of the hour and it is important that each and every person feels that it is their responsibility to abide with the authorities in following rules and regulations. The best way to do that are as follows:

  • Wear Ayurvedic Alpha faceguard or face mask for virus protection, dust, pollution etc. all the time when you step out of your home or office or when in public places. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), it is not advisable to use cotton face mask, rather a N95 or surgical mask, they are the best protective masks against viruses, especially for those who live in containment areas or are working with sick patients.

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  • Buy best hand sanitizer online, make sure you choose an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol to kill all germs, carry it everywhere you go and rub it in your hands for 20 seconds.
  • Spray the hand sanitizer on surfaces first where you are more likely to touch, like doors knobs and handles, lift buttons, your desk space, your laptop or computer, your mobile phone etc.
  • Make sure you disinfect your clothes, shoes, bag and anything which is going to enter your home.
  • Download Arogya Sethu App on your mobile for your safety and the safety of others around you.
  • Keep your body high with immune cells, this is possible by eating a balanced and healthy diet and using the HPK (Health Protection Kit) to build a strong immune system, Ayurveda way.

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  • Maintain social distancing protocols.
  • Maintain self-quarantine to avoid exposing yourself and others to the disease.
  • Wash your hands for up to 30 seconds if you have touched surfaces where other people also tend to use, common areas or wash rooms.
  • If in office check temperature of people with a digital infrared thermometer (contactless) every few hours.
  • It is mandatory not to share your food, water bottle, sanitizer, mask with anyone. Buy your own and use your own.

Apart from the above, it is also important that you avoid staying in one place for more than 30 minutes so as to reduce chances of coming in close proximity to anyone who is sick.

Guess Allan Walker started the fad of wearing a mask, it is now very common. So, face mask protection against virus and using hand sanitiserare the new fashion statement one has to follow.

Buy hand sanitizer and face mask online now to protect yourself from diseases.

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