Mental Health needs your attention

COVID-19 has driven us into our homes and people are experiencing a solitary life they had never lived up until now. The number of suicide cases has also risen tremendously, especially amongst young people, and fairly successful individuals. What is wrong?

It is very easy to know if a person is in pain due to physical afflictions, but it is very difficult to detect if a person is going through depression unless they tell it themselves. Mental illnesses exist in our society and it is very common than we think. It is very important that every person is educated about the importance of Mental health.

About World Mental Health Day

Promoting mental health awareness and Depression awareness must be the duty of every individual. We must educate children about it at home, schools, and colleges. Internationally, May is the World Mental Health month. The World mental day will be celebrated on Saturday, 10th October 2020. This day is an initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health which consists of more than 150 countries. 

The purpose of the World Mental Health Day is to identify around us people who could be suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and offer empathy and an understanding. People suffering from generalized anxiety disorders, panic disorder (panic attacks), specific phobias, bipolar depression, and mood disorders usually go through social stigma, social media trolling, and more. Hence, schools, colleges, and organizations must make efforts to eliminate the causes of depression and educate children about mental depression as a disease.

Causes of Depression

Some of the causes of depression could be:

  1. Family history of depression
  2. Financial burdens
  3. Underlying diseases like a period or menstrual problems etc.
  4. Physical and mental abuse
  5. Chemical or hormonal imbalance
  6. Common problems like acne or pimples or marks, etc.

There could be many more to this list, but the most common are these and a combination of these. Depression causes many health problems too like Allergy, Headache, Migraine, Sleep disorder, or Insomnia

If you know anyone who could be going through a rough patch, it is vital that they take help from professionals or organizations. Do not ignore their mental and physical health. They need to be listened to and taken care of and not criticized for sharing their problems.

When the person suffering from mental stress is heard at the right time by a professional, they will undergo treatment for it which is essential. This could be a long process however, with regular sessions the person will regain confidence in themselves, they will experience positive energy, their physical health and stamina will increase.

Ayurveda: The Natural Heal for Mental Health

Ayurveda also plays a vital role in improving mental health, as it has cured for common depression inducing problems. The Ayurveda Experience is a must especially with a stressful lifestyle of youngsters and to keep our mind and body strong. You can protect yourself from COVID-19 or any other flu or respiratory diseases, by taking Alpha Health Protection Kit or Alpha HPK regularly. It builds immunity in your body and protects your body against cough and cold.

Alpha Arogya is an Ayurvedic company in Indore selling Ayurvedic products in Indore for more than 20 years. It provides safe ayurvedic herbal medicines that can be used by anyone and without any side effects. There are many Ayurvedic manufacturing companies in India, but only a few like Alpha Arogya will provide with the best Ayurvedic products. You can easily buy Ayurvedic products online from Amazon online Ayurvedic stores. 

If you are healthy physically, you will be able to fight any troubles you may face and will help build immunity against diseases, physical and mental. Ayurvedic medicine brings harmony in your mind and body along with regular yoga exercises. Hence, to keep a sound mind, regular yoga exercises, and taking immunity building products is essential.

Keep your mind clean like you keep your body clean!!!

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Alpha Arogya is a pioneer in making valuable ancient herbs available in the form of online Ayurvedic medicines. Alpha Arogya aims to enhance the natural and holistic self-healing process of your physical and mental being. We pride in carefully preparing natural medicines and source hard to find herbs and medicinal plants from remote forests and mountains of India. These herbs and medicinal plants can be used as effective Ayurvedic home remedies and are safe to use by anyone.

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