About International Yoga Day 2021 Significance & Asanas for Yog Divas

Yoga is an ancient science to calm the body, mind and spirit. It is a popular exercise regime followed by millions of people around the world. Earlier yoga asanas or exercises were done only by yogis or saints. However, yoga became popular in the western countries as a form of exercise. In this blog we will give you information about the inception of International Yoga Day, it’s significance and different yoga asanas to do on this day.

International Yoga Day - Yog Diwas - 21 June 2021

About International Yoga Day:

All information about International Yoga Day:

In 2014, June 21st was announced as the International Yoga Day in the United Nations General Assembly.

When it is celebrated?

Every year International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21st. On 21st June 2015, the first International Yoga Day was celebrated all around the world. On this day, Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was present at Rajpath, New Delhi with dignitaries and participants from 84 countries. They performed 21 yoga asanas for 35 minutes and made a World Record of the largest yoga class ever held.

Significance of International Yoga Day:

Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi picked 21st June as the International Yoga Day. In India it is also celebrated as National Yog Divas. Mr. Prime Minister picked this day because this is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere, it is an important day in many countries.

21st June is the start of Summer Solstice and also holds significance in Hindu Mythology. It is believed that Lord Shiva was the first yogi (Adi Yogi) who imparted knowledge of yoga to mankind on Guru Purnima or Summer Solstice. Lord Shiva also became the first guru (Adi Guru) to impart knowledge to mankind.

Easy yoga asanas for yoga day:

Yoga is a popular exercise regime because it gives flexibility and agility to our body and keeps our mind calm. If you haven’t done yoga for health, then you can start with some easy asana’s yoga day. So, as June 21st 2021 is fast approaching, we have 5 really easy yoga asanas for yoga day that you can try.

  1. Sukhasana: Sukh means to be at peace and calm. So, this exercise is done by sitting on the ground with legs crossed at the shins, back straight in line with the head and neck. The hands must be rested on the folded legs in a mudra or palms facing down. Keep your eyes closed, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Do this for 2-3 minute. This asana brings inner peace to your mind and relaxes your body.
  2. Tadasana: Tad means mountain, so this asana is done by standing straight like a mountain. It is the foundation for many standing asanas. It helps in reducing anxiety, improves breathing and gives strength to your spinal cord and legs. For this asana, you have to stand straight and make sure your feet are in line with your hips. Then slowly lift your arms over your head, fingers interlocked and palms facing up. When you do this, slowly lift your body, inhale and stand on your toes. Stay in this position for 3 counts and slowly come back to the original position by exhaling. You can do this 12-15 times.
  3. Balasana: Bal means baby, so this asana is done in the baby sleep position. This asana strengthens the nervous and lymphatic system. It reduces stress and tiredness and helps to calm your mind. When you do this asana, first kneel down and push your body to comfortably place your hips on the heels. Without lifting your hips, take a deep breath, bend and stretch your upper body forward along with your arms, rest your chest on your thighs and let your forehead touch the ground. You can stay in this position till 3 counts. Then slowly exhale and lift your head and arms. Come back to the original position by resting your hips on the heels.
  4. Setubandasana: Setu means bridge, so in this asana you will place your body in a position which looks like a bridge. This asana helps to control and regulate blood pressure. It strengthens your spinal cord and keeps you away from back aches. To do this asana, lie straight on your back. Slowly bend your knees and keep your feet grounded just under the hip and thighs. Keep your arms, palm faced down on the side of the body. Slowly inhale and lift your hips. Make sure your feet and arms do not move. When you lift your hips upwards, you are using the butt muscles, but make sure not to strain your back. Count till 3 and then slowly exhale and bring your hip down slowly to the ground. Do this 5-6 times every day.
  5. Shavasana: Shav means a corpse, so this asana starts with you laying down on the ground like a corpse. This asana brings your body temperature down and makes you mindful of your breathing. For this asana, lie down on your back, keep your legs and arms slightly away. Keep your palms upward and be in a comfortable position. Inhale and exhale with deep breaths, but do not sleep. You can stay in this position for 8-10 minutes, then slowly move your fingers and toes. Stretch your legs, arms and body. To get up shift your body sideways and slowly sit up in Sukhasana.

Now, that you know these 5 easy asanas, you can start living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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