The List of Do’s and Don’ts to Wear a Face Mask

The pandemic may have slowed down our lifestyle, but it has certainly not stopped us from doing the things we most love, like keeping ourselves physically active by going on walks, going to work, shopping for essentials, etc. When we understand the importance of wearing a face mask for covid while outside our homes, we reduce the chances of us catching the virus.

However, there are many people from around the world who are still falling sick from the virus because they are not wearing the mask as instructed by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control).

Let’s find out the do’s and don’ts to wear a face mask:

Do's and Don'ts to wear a Face Mask

Do’s to wearing a face mask:

  1. Always wear a face mask that fully covers your nose, mouth, and chin.
  2. The straps or elastic must be tightly secured behind the ears or the head, so that there is no way droplets can enter inside the mask
  3. Wear a made in India n95 face masks that are manufactured by a reputed company like Alpha Arogya.
  4. Always wash your hands before putting them on a mask
  5. If the mask is disposable then throw the mask after use
  6. Wear and remove the mask using the straps without touching the cloth
  7. Wash your hands as soon as you take the mask off
  8. If your mask is non-disposable store it in a clean, dry container
  9. Make sure you wash your mask for corona protection daily in hot disinfectant water
  10. Make sure you carry extra face masks with you when you are going out, just in case your face mask is soiled or torn.
  11. Train your children about how to safely use and dispose of a face mask.

Don’ts to wearing a face mask:

  1. Don’t touch the cloth of the mask after you wear your mask
  2. Do not slide it down from your nose on your mouth or under your chin
  3. Do not wear it if it’s soiled, dirty, wet, ripped, or damaged in any way
  4. Do not share your face mask with anyone else
  5. Do not reuse a disposable mask
  6. Do not carelessly place a used and disposable face mask anywhere

There are many types of masks, but wearing the right mask is important.

  1. A surgical mask is better to be worn by medical personnel
  2. If you have to go in a crowded place then use a breathable reusable n95 face mask, buy online here
  3. A cloth mask is safe only if it is 3 ply, otherwise, it is best to avoid

Wearing an N-95 mask that is lightweight breathable face mask plays an important role in minimizing the virus from spreading to others. Along with social distancing wearing a mask in crowded places is mandatory, yet people flout the rules and regulations laid down by the governments and still roam around without a mask.

Hence, as responsible citizens, we must make every effort to wear a mask and also encourage and educate those who don’t wear a face mask. For bulk orders or to buy online or browse the products click here.

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