How to Boost Immunity at Home with Ayurveda?

After the pandemic, the world had come to a stop. Eventually, we have learned to live with this pandemic and have made some major adjustments in our lifestyle. We are now working from home and working at home. However, while staying home we are lacking exercise and people are going through different stress, which is weighing on our health. It is all the more important now to take care of our health. Staying home doesn’t mean we are safe from the pandemic; we are still susceptible to catching the virus, a good immunity booster kit at home is essential.

Our immune system is like the first shield that protects us from any outside organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungus etc. When these organisms enter our body, they could start damaging healthy cells and weaken our body. That is why we must make every effort to keep your body strong every day. For this eating healthy food, doing regular exercise and strengthening your body through Ayurveda are important steps.

Boost Immunity at Home with Ayurveda - Alpha HPK

Healthy ways to boost your immunity

  1. Don’t Smoke: Smoking weakens your immunity and also affects your lungs. Can you imagine what would happen to your lungs if you catch the virus Your body will not be able to fight the virus.
  2. Eat a diet high fibre foods: Fruits and vegetables help you get high fibre and essential nutrients and minerals.
  3. Regular Exercise: Exercising not only keeps you fit but also helps the release of important enzymes in the body.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight: Maintaining a healthy weight helps your body to remain fit and you will be able to do all kind of activities.
  5. Moderation in drinking alcohol: Reduce intake of alcohol, as alcohol weakens your immunity.
  6. Sleep properly: Have a proper sleep as it induces immune cells to reenergize and become stronger.
  7. Meditate: Our daily life is full of stress, so in order to reduce stress meditation is very helpful, it makes our thoughts clear and makes our mind and body relax.
  8. Consume organic Ayurvedic products: Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal system of India, has been found to benefit us during this pandemic.

Recommendable Ayurvedic Product for Boosting Immunity

Ayurvedic immunity booster products use ancient herbs and medicines which help our body to build immune cells. It is wise to get an ayurvedic kit for immunity like Alpha HPK. Alpha HPK is a unique and best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Alpha Arogya, a reputed ayurvedic medicine company in Indore, India.

Alpha HPK consists of three important products:

Alpha 1 – Alpha 1 is taken orally, to increase resistance against diseases and build a strong immune system. It is also important that you drink as much water as possible. If you are suffering from blocked nose, then you can add 1-2 drops of Alpha 1 in the steam inhaler, this will clear your nose and throat.
It is important to consume milk/milk products and a nutritious diet along with Alpha 1. For better results, stop the consumption of raw onion, garlic, pickles and non-veg food.
Do not give Alpha 1 to children below 8 years of age and pregnant women. Stop its usage if body heat increases.

Alpha 21 – Alpha 21 is another unique Ayurvedic remedy that gives cough relief. Whenever you cough, take a sip of it and follow the same procedure. If your cough has just started then, this guarantees that you will get relief from it in just 2 days. If you have been coughing for a few days then, continue taking Alpha 21 for 5-7 days. For persistent cough, apply 2 drops of Alpha 21 on front of your neck and rub it lightly.

Alpha 11 – Alpha 11 is used to heal headache and cold. Apply 2-3 drops of it on the temples and nose, and massage lightly. Apply it 3-4 times a day. If you are suffering from extreme cold then, apply 2-3 drops of Alpha 11 on your chest and back also.

These Alpha Arogya Ayurvedic products are easily available online, especially you can buy Alpha HPK on Alpha Arogya’s website and Amazon Shopping portal. Alpha HPK is considered the best immunity booster in Ayurveda.

Therefore, With Ayurveda you can keep your immune system strong all the time and help your body fight this virus.

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Alpha Arogya is a pioneer in making valuable ancient herbs available in the form of online Ayurvedic medicines. Alpha Arogya aims to enhance the natural and holistic self-healing process of your physical and mental being. We pride in carefully preparing natural medicines and source hard to find herbs and medicinal plants from remote forests and mountains of India. These herbs and medicinal plants can be used as effective Ayurvedic home remedies and are safe to use by anyone.

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