What cleaning products should you use to protect against diseases?

There is so much we do to take care of our bodies from infections and diseases. But, sometimes we pay very less heed to our surroundings. Apart from our bodies, it is also very important to keep our surroundings sanitized and clean, which includes inside and outside our homes, offices, vehicles, etc.

What cleaning products should you use to protect against diseases

Cleaning Products Against Diseases

It is very important that we use high-quality cleaning products to disinfect inside and outside our home. It is recommended that we use an EPA-registered household disinfectant. When using sprays to clean it is very important that you wear appropriate eye protection shield and wear disposable gloves for skin protection.

We must definitely avoid using diluted cleaning solutions as they will be of no effect on infectious agents that are on surfaces. We must also avoid using Bleach solutions as they could be harmful to your skin.

The best cleaning disinfectant is Alpha ODI – Organic Disinfectant, one of the best ayurvedic products online by Alpha Arogya, Ayurvedic company in Indore.

How to keep our homes, offices, and vehicles clean?

  • We must make sure to thoroughly clean the vehicle as soon as you come from outside using ODI.
  • When you come back home from outside, disinfect your shoes using alcohol-based wipes or sprays.
  • Make sure to soak your clothes immediately in Detergent or soap and add disinfectants like Dettol to it.
  • In the same way clean your desk, chairs, all gadgets, handles of desks, doorknobs, or handles with ODI.
  • Make sure to also use more than 60% Alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you touch any surfaces where many people may have touched like in cafeterias, elevators, staircases, washrooms, etc.
  • Also clean your vehicles like cars and two-wheelers before you start your journey, especially if they were parked in the parking area or outside your home or office.

When you are careful and maintain cleanliness, you have better chances of fighting infectious diseases. Apart from all this, we must also make our bodies stronger by building immunity to fight diseases and infections.

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