Sleep Medications and Other Insomnia Ayurvedic Treatments

People who have trouble sleeping or suffering from insomnia or snoring or sleep apnea are putting their health at risk. Such kinds of sleep disorders have been found to be predominant in urban areas. According to a study in the US, around 75 million adults suffer from at least one type of sleep disorder. In order to get good sleep many times, one may also consume sleeping medications like over the counter sleeping pills, but this could be very dangerous for your health. Hence, a better alternative is to consume Ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder, which has proven to be effective and safe to use.

Ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder

Good sleep helps to keep your body working well throughout the day, it also helps in repairing any damaged cells. Adults need between 7-8 hours of sleep every day, whereas teenagers need between 8-10 hours, according to American Sleep Association. So, sleep is vital for every age group. However, sometimes due to lots of reasons one may face sleep disorders:

Reasons for Sleep Disorders:

  1. Lot of stress: When you have a stressful job and lots on your mind, it is very possible that you are unable to sleep for more than 3-4 hours in the night.

  2. Not enough sleep:Getting less sleep also leads to many health problems, like obesity. Nearly 3%-5% population in the US has become obese just because they do not sleep for the average hours.

  3. Snoring: If you have a partner or a family member who snores, it is very difficult to fall asleep. About 50% of US population has reported to snore, which is half of the population.

  4. Sleeping during the day: Many people also have the habit of sleeping during the day, but this causes them to stay awake for long hours in the night.
    The sleep hormone melatonin helps one fall asleep, but taking a nap during the day is not good according to Ayurveda, especially during winters or rainy seasons, since it increases the kapha, meaning your body creates hydration during the day and you could wake up with a cold or stuffy nose. Whereas, you could sleep during the day in summers which will give your enough hydration.

  5. Not appropriate sleeping conditions: When you have to fall asleep, if you do not make proper sleeping conditions, you may not be able to sleep.

  6. Heavy Dinner: Taking a heavy dinner at night could cause your body to work overtime to get the food digested and this could cause sleep deprivation. Experiencing acidity or gases also could be developed and you may not be able to sleep well.

  7. Mosquito menace: If your room has even one mosquito, your sleep is sure to go out of the room. It is important that you get rid of mosquitoes immediately using Ayurvedic medicine for mosquitoes. A mosquito repellent will get rid of mosquitoes and save you from dengue or malaria and even provide you with a sound sleep.

When you lack sleep, your brain and heart do not get the oxygen or blood required for your body, which could cause many health problems like obesity, lack of concentration, headaches, reduces immunity, high blood pressure, heart attack, etc. Your eyes and skin also require enough time to recuperate, and when you don’t sleep well you may stress your eyes too much and your skin will also age quickly. Overall, your appearance may be affected and could cause underlying problems.

What are the best Ayurvedic Products online for Sleep Problems?

  1. For a sound sleep: When you take Alpha KRT, an Ayurvedic medicine for snoring problem, the medicine will clear your nasal passage from any blockages and helps you to sleep well.
  2. Stops Insomnia: The best ayurvedic medicine for insomnia is Alpha K2, as it helps one fall asleep without any interruptions. It has herbs like Bhringraj and essential oils like lavender, vanilla, chandan that aid in falling asleep.
  3. Stops sleep Apnea: When you are suffering from sleep apnea, Alpha K2 is the Ayurvedic medicine for sleeping problem. It relaxes your brain and calms your brain cells and slowly helps you to sleep naturally and your breathing is also normal. It helps your brain to get optimal oxygen and stops sleep apnea after regular use.

Tips on having a good sleep:

  1. Make sure your room has appropriate conditions to sleep, like the right lighting and correct temperature.
  2. It is important that you do not take unnecessary over the counter medicines to fall asleep instead use Alpha K2 to gently help you to fall asleep. A light massage on the temples with the oil will relax your mind and you fall asleep in no time.
  3. Avoid eating heavy food before you sleep, as this could hinder your sleep.
  4. Avoid drinking coffee or tea at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  5. Drinking a warm glass of milk with almond will also help you sleep.
  6. Massaging the pressure point on your feet gently will also put the melatonin hormone to subside.
  7. It is important to keep all the gadgets away from your bedroom, like TV, mobile, laptop etc. as the radiation emitted from these could also affect your sleep.
  8. Placing your head towards the south is the best way to sleep according to Vastu Shastra.
  9. Remove any mirrors or any obstructions from opposite side of your bed, this will hinder the flow of positive energy around you when you sleep.
  10. Make sure your room is airy, but before you sleep, it is good to close all doors and windows, as it will keep the outside noise from disturbing your sleep.
  11. It is important that you go to bed at least 2 hours after you have dinner, so that within that time your food is digested and your body is ready in time to make energy while you sleep.

So, if you are having any of the sleep disorders, mentioned above, please start the use of Alpha K2 and Alpha KRT immediately and see the good results within a few weeks.

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