Ayurveda for Good night Sleep: 9 Tips for Improving Sleep Disorder

We all know that a good night sleep is very important for good health. But, how often do you actually follow a routine to get that 8 hours of sleep? With the fast-paced life, many distractions to keep us awake or not proper sleeping conditions, we are hardly paying any attention to the hours of sleep. There are many who face health issues due to lack of sleep. According to many health experts, Ayurvedic medicine for good sleep is a proven remedy.

ayurvedic tips and medicine for sleep disorder

Causes of Sleep Disorder

The following are the various reasons why people suffer from sleep disorder:

1. Working hours are extended into the night:

This is one of the major problems many people, especially youngsters are facing. Due to long hours of work or working at nights, the time we get to rest is reduced. This causes problems like sleep apnea or Insomnia.


Maintaining a proper schedule at work will help you to finish your work on time and not extend it into the night. If you are working at nights, then make sure that you are getting enough sleep during the day by putting curtains or blinds in the room and make sure outside noise does not come inside.

2. Snoring:

Snoring by your partner or room-mate at night could also spoil your sleep, no matter how much you try to. Due to blocked airways people are unable to breathe properly. That is why people snore.


Using Alpha KRT, snoring ayurvedic medicine will help your partner or even you to sleep sound. Alpha KRT is a herbal drop that quickly puts you to sleep and clears all the airways for you to breathe properly during the night.

3. Partying at nights:

In the Indian culture long ago, people used to eat dinner between 6-7 in the evening and sleep by 8 in the night. But now people go out for outings or late-night parties, that affect the night sleeping routine. Usually, weekends people make plans to go out and do not pay attention to their sleep and health. If this continues for a long time, it affects the sleep pattern and you will start having health problems.


Try to avoid going out after 8 in the night and maintain a schedule where you sleep at the right bedtime.

4. Unfavorable sleeping conditions:

Due to unfavorable sleeping conditions, people have difficulty falling asleep. If the room is too cluttered or there is light or if there is a lot of sound coming from outside or if there are mosquitoes in the room or if the room is cold, could stop or hinder one to have a sound sleep.


Making sure you put blinds or curtains in the room before bed or having a night light that does not distract your sleep will help you fall asleep. Some people find that drinking warm glass of almond milk will help you to fall asleep.

5. Mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes are another sleep enemy which need to be tackled. You may use a mosquito repellent in liquid form or lotion that you apply on your skin, but these contain harmful chemicals, which could in turn harm you. If you do not tackle mosquitoes properly, then you are also at danger from dangerous diseases like Dengue and Malaria.


Alpha 121 is a natural mosquito repellent in Ayurveda that can be applied on any part of your body to even on your clothing or pillow before going to bed. Since, all the ingredients in the repellent are natural and herbal, it is mild on the skin.

6. Watching Television for long hours:

Watching television or laptop for long hours or binge TV watching in the night can cause you to fall short of good night sleep. Sleeping late and getting up early for office could burden you throughout the day and make you lethargic throughout the day.


Making sure you keep a time to watch television and do not extend that time. This way it will not go into your sleep time or obstruct your sleep.

7. Mobile use in the night:

Using the mobile in the night could also stop you from falling asleep. The light from the mobile too could affect your eyes. Many people use their mobile when they are bed, this is one of the reasons why people cannot fall asleep.


Do not use your mobile in the bed, keep it outside your bedroom and do not take any calls after a certain time. Nothing is more important than your sleep and health.

8. Not eating proper dinner:

Going to bed on an empty or a half-empty stomach could also cause you to not fall asleep. Or eating food that could keep you awake in the night is also a problem.


Eat foods that can be digested easily during the night. Avoid eating fried foods at night and anything that could strain your stomach to digest food. Eating light food like soups and drinking warm milk could help you keep your stomach full as well as help you to sleep.

9. Health Problems:

According to the CDC, a study by Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, United States in 2014 showed that people who sleep less than 7 hours every day have suffered from serious chronic health conditions. Some of these health conditions which people suffered were Heart attack, Coronary heart disease, stroke, Asthma, cancer, arthritis, depression, chronic kidney disease, Diabetes and more.


Having a soothing perfume or Alpha K2, a herbal lavender essence will help you to wind down. It helps you to sleep for 7-8 hours, without any interruptions. This will help you to fall prey to serious health conditions and remain healthy always.

Benefits of a Good Night Sleep for Healthy Living

The following are the benefits of a good night sleep-

  1. Your body is working 24/7 even when you are asleep. It help to make your immune system stronger.
  2. It prevents you from gaining weight.
  3. It helps you to keep your heart strong and healthy as the blood flow is proper.
  4. When you sleep nicely, you also are making sure that you wake up happy in the morning and you are full of energy. This will also keep you in good health.
  5. Your sleep also affects your work. When you sleep well, you are making sure that you are productive at work and are able to provide good results.
  6. Use Alpha KRT, an anti-snoring ayurvedic medicine.
  7. Your brain is constantly at work during the day. So, when you sleep well, you are giving enough time for your brain to relax.
  8. Use Alpha K2, a proven Ayurvedic medicine for sleeping problem.

Your sleep is important, do not ignore it, as it could affect your health in the long run. So, good night and sleep tight for an energetic day ahead. To know more about Alpha KRT, Alpha K2 and Alpha 12, and more Ayurvedic products, click here.

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